Professional cleaning services

Professional cleaning services

Hi There are You Looking for Professional cleaning services in Dhaka? Do You Need the Best cleaning service in Bangladesh for Home cleaning service in Dhaka you are in the right place , just contact me here at 01404-443504 or  Hit the call buttonpower property care service is the most Professional cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh for the Best cleaning service, we have expert cleaners who have cleaned thousands of homes or property clean in Dhaka bd,
professional cleaning services ,Best glass cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Why did you choose us?

We provide monthly or yearly contract-based cleaning services. In which we provide cleaning services for your residential building, restaurant, factory, hospital, or office Our company was established in 2010 due to which we have 12 years of experience in providing cleaning services. All of our cleaning equipment is imported from abroad. And every one of our staff is modernly trained.

we have more than 15 types of cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, our regular services are home cleaning services, office cleaning services in Bangladesh, kitchen cleaning services in Dhaka, floor cleaning services in Dhaka, water tank cleaning service, Bathroom cleaning services in Dhaka, sofa cleaning service, carpet cleaning service , pest control services, tiles cleaning, housekeeping, cleaner supply, office boy supply,

Why do you need Home cleaning services in Dhaka ?

As a home owner every time you need professional cleaning services for home cleaning .Because the house gets dirty or the house furniture gets dirty and the water tank gets dirty, we are commercial cleaning services we can help you to clean your home ,furniture like sofa cleaning service , carpet cleaning or Kitchen cleaning service

our water tank cleaning services

We clean the water tank in 6 steps according to the rules of the World Health Organization. Due to which viruses and bacteria born in water are destroyed. And cannot cause infection in human body. As a result, your family is 100% safe from water borne diseases.

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