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Home Water Tank Cleaning Service

  • Are you looking for the Best  Water tank cleaning service company? do you need a Safety tank cleaning contact Number?  You have come to the right place.  We are the Best water tank Cleaning service In Dhaka Bangladesh,  we provide overhead tank cleaning, domestic water tank cleaning, sintex tank cleaning,Under and overhead tank cleaning, sump cleaning services, Manhole clean, Water tank pipeline clean, and Overhead tank clean Call Now for a Cleaning Service at 01404-443504, water tank cleaning services chef price, we have been providing cleaning service since 2010 and we import all our cleaning equipment from Dubai and UK. And our staff are modernly trained so we are Best Cleaning Service In Dhaka Bangladesh from all other cleaning service companies.

Our water Tank Cleaning  Process

  • Power Property Care Service is the number one company for water tank cleaning with the latest technology.
    We have expert water tank cleaners who clean water tanks with a 100% guarantee as per World Health Organization rules.
  • In the beginning, we remove the harmful gases accumulated inside the tank and drain all the dirty water inside. Then we apply hydrogen peroxide and remove the bacteria born inside by UV rays. Finally, we clean the dirt and iron accumulated on the tank for a long time and sterilize the tank completely.
  • This is how we clean the water tank in total 6 steps. As a result, the water is clean and germ-free, if you clean the water tank or water sump Manhule clean and Under the overhead tank clean at least 2/3 times a year, your family will be completely safe from any water-borne diseases. Power Property Care Service is trusted by all for water tank cleaning

Service Overview

  • As a professional cleaning company, we take pride in our ability to reduce bacteria, allergens, and other germs that can spread sickness in your home. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),
  • Another name for water is life. And to keep this life healthy and fresh, it is necessary to drink pure and germ-free water. But have you ever wondered how bacteria-free your water tank is? A world-class cleaning service company is needed to completely disinfect your home tank. And so Power Property Care Service is ready to serve you with all world-class technology. We have a team of experienced water tank cleaners who clean water tanks in 6 steps according to World Health Organization guidelines.

6 steps of water tank Cleaning according to World Health Organization guidelines.


  1. If there is any poisonous gas in the water tank, expel it.
  2. Manhole and surrounding area cleaning.
  3. Mechanical water and dirt drainage.
  4. Final cleaning and washing of the tank with high-pressure water.
  5. Decontamination of the water tank by the special light beam.
  6. Cleaning and decontamination of water pipeline, as a result of which all the dirt inside is removed and the water is clear and odor free.

We Also, provide a 100% guarantee on each of our services. As a result, you will get the assurance of all types of cleaning services in a healthy and scientific manner.
But why the delay? Contact us now. Power Property Care service is Bangladesh’s number one cleaning service company

 What We Do?

We are the Best Water Tank Cleaning Service In Dhaka Bangladesh, So we try to do everything the best. What we do with Water Tank Cleaning?
  1. Water tank clean,
  2. Water tank and pipeline clean,
  3. Tank cleaning,
  4. Manhule cleaning,
  5. Overhead tank cleaning,
  6. Under and overhead tank cleaning,
  7. Safety tank cleaning

Training Procedures for cleaner

  • We have well equipped Training center where all sorts of basic cleaning facilities are available and recruited supervisors, cleaners & gardeners not only undergo theoretical training but also go through proper practical training. For this various practical items are placed in the training center i.e. different types of floors, toilets, urinals, etc. Under the guideline of BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science), 
  • We have produced a Basic training manual and various checklists for cleaning. We have a full-time training Manager running this center. Before we assign any cleaner to a site, he/she must complete the following training phases successfully in our Training Center. After completing successful 7 days of training that includes on and off-the-job training, he is assigned to a site to provide a water tank cleaning 

Ready to service your facilities

We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone. When the cleaning team from The power property care service arrives at your home, we’ll bring your abode up to our exacting standards. We provide a 100 percent guarantee on all our cleaning services and solicit feedback and reviews from our customers to help us find better ways to assist you in a water tank clean. If you’re not pleased with any area we’ve worked on, call us within 24 hours—we’ll re-clean it! 


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