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  • Power Property Care Service is the Best Cleaning Service in Dhaka, We Provide  Home Cleaning, water tank cleaning, Office Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Sofa cleaning, Office Boy Supply, Cleaner Supply, Pest Control, Glass Silicon repair, Fair-face and Floor cleaning, Swimming Pool Cleaning / Maintenance, General Cleaning, Curtain wall Glass Cleaning inside and outside, etc.
  • The company was incorporated on 2010 and started operation, as the Best Cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh we believe that Facilities Management is about managing people and places to achieve the best value for money by balancing user needs and business needs to achieve optimum organizational effectiveness,

12 Years Experience

  • Power Property Care Service offers daily cleaning, which is pest control services & garden cleaning services. deep clean service We employ local management and operatives trained in Dubai. Besides,
  • Most of our cleaning materials and equipment are imported from Italy, the UK, France, and Dubai. as a professional cleaning service company in Bangladesh, we do Water Tank Cleaning service in 6 paddies according to World Health Organization rules. Click here to view all our cleaning services

Why we are Best cleaning service in Dhaka ?

There are many professional cleaning service companies and property care service companies all over Bangladesh including Dhaka, among them Power property care service is the best cleaning service in Dhaka, because we have all the modern equipment imported from abroad and trained staff, who have the ability to provide all types of cleaning services Those who provide all types of cleaning and property care services in Dhaka in accordance with the rules of the World Health Organization, as a cleaning service Bangladesh we also follow British Cleaning Council guidelines

We also offer you more than 15 cleaning services like, floor cleaning service in Dhaka, Bathroom cleaning services Dhaka, Cleaning solution BD, office cleaning services in Dhaka, commercial cleaning services, house cleaning service, and Professional cleaning services, we have a offer for our regular customers which is Kitchen cleaning service in Dhaka, dry cleaning Dhaka, cleaner supply, office boy supply in Dhaka , that's why our customers says power property care service is the best cleaning service in Dhaka for property care and cleaning services

our contract based cleaning services


We also have contract-based cleaning services. To be the Best Cleaning Service In Dhaka must have all types of cleaning packages and offers as well as we have. We also offer contract-based cleaning services on a monthly and yearly basis. Residential hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, or factories require many types of cleaning services, including cleaner supplies, office boy supplies, glass cleaning, pest control, water tank cleaning, and swimming pool cleaning. And so we serve them contractually. Customers are satisfied with our service and named us the Best Cleaning service in Dhaka and the number one property care company in Bangladesh 

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Best Water tank Cleaning Service in Dhaka

Water Tank Cleaning Service

We are the Best Water Tank Cleaning Service In Dhaka Bangladesh, So we try to do everything the best with 100% guarantee
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Swimming Pool Cleaning

If You Have A Swimming Pool And if You Want To Clean It then we Clean The Swimming Pool Professionally In Dhaka City . We…
pest control service Dhaka

Pest Control Service

We provide Pest Control Service With a Guarantee in Every House or Office In Dhaka Bangladesh, That's Why We Are the Best Pest Control Service…

Office Cleaning

We provide full office cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh from highly trained cleaning staff after hours daily office cleaning, every things is awesome...
best home cleaning service in Dhaka

Home Cleaning Service

Imagine coming home to a completely clean, fresh smelling home after a long day of work. If you need our help, please click the link…
Glass Cleaning Service company ppcsbd.com, Best glass cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Glass Cleaning services

As a Best glass cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh, we clean your home's exterior glass and window glass professionally with no destroy
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Floor And Tiles Cleaning

Busy schedules make it difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. Our team help you when you don't have a time to cleaned…
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Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply

Do You Need an Office Boy Or Cleaner supply in Dhaka? We Provide expert and trained Cleaners And Office Boy Supplies in Dhaka
carpet and sofa cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Carpet And Sofa Cleaning service

The Carpet Cleaners we refer to you have years of experience and will make sure to leave your carpet as you want, we will help...
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MD MOSTAFA RONY Managing Director of ppcsbd


Managing Director
Akter Banu Chairman of ppcsbd

Akter Banu

Executive Director OF PPCSBD jihad miah


Executive Director

Md Nahid Ahmed

Director of Operation
best home cleaning in Dhaka Bangladesh. about us-best cleaning service company in Dhaka,cleaner supply company Dhaka Bangladesh
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This depends on the size of your house — enter how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have into the form above and we’ll give you an instant quote. We’re confident you’ll find prices extremely reasonable given the high level of service you will receive from your pro. If You Search Best Cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh you will get us in top 5
Power property care service Best cleaning service In Dhaka Bangladesh. Because you will get hundred percent cleaning guarantee here. And all our cleaning staff are modernly trained
We are offering more than 10 cleaning services which are
Home cleaning
Water tank cleaning,
Pest control,
Glass cleaning
Carpet and sofa cleaning
Floor Cleaning
General cleaning
Glass Silicon Repair
Office Boy Supply,
Cleaner Supply etc.
As A Best Cleaning service in Dhaka Bangladesh We provide services as per the customer's needs.
For More Info Call Now : 01404-443504
It depends entirely on the size of your house! The minimum booking length is 3 hours, but you can always request a longer booking if you need one. Depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have, our checkout process will automatically scale your booking to the recommended amount of time for a home of your size.as a best cleaning service in Dhaka we provide customer service with time
If you have a washing machine and/or dryer in your home, your professional can absolutely wash and fold your laundry for you! Be sure to add it as an extra during the checkout process so the professional can be sure to set aside enough time to clean your home and still have time for laundry (it will add an extra hour onto your booking).we also Provide floor cleaning service in Dhaka
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