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Are you looking for Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply company? Yes, you have come to the right place. Power Property Care Service supplies office boys and cleaners. Dhaka city needs cleaners every day. Home cleaning and office cleaning require a professional cleaner and office boy cleaner, so we provide modern trained cleaners and Dhaka, Bangladesh just call here for service at 01404-443504 or click here to message our Facebook page 

Service Overview

As Best Cleaning Services Company In, we have many cleaning services like floor cleaning service in Dhaka, Bathroom cleaning services in Dhaka, Cleaning solution BD, 
office cleaning services in Dhaka, commercial cleaning services, House cleaning services in Dhaka, Professional cleaning services, cleaning services in Bangladesh, Floor Cleaning Service in Dhaka Best cleaning service in Bangladesh, Kitchen cleaning service in Dhaka, such as cleaner supply is one of our services. You can get cleaner from us for your home or office cleaning. Our expert cleaners will meticulously clean your home, office, flat, residential hotel, guest house, and hospital.

There are many companies in Dhaka city that provide Office Boy and Cleaner supply. But their cleaner boys cannot serve well in inefficient winds. As a result, the customer is not happy. But we are the number one cleaning service company in Bangladesh that satisfy 100% of customers through our service

We have 12 years of experience in cleaners and office supplies. So we know how to train a cleaner boy and office boy to provide proper service. So all our clients have expressed their satisfaction with the services of our cleaners.

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Expert Employee

Our staff in office cleaning has been successfully servicing more than 100 offices. So we are the best Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply company in Dhaka

Modern Technology

When the whole world is running on modern technology. Then our employees are not behind. They are good at computers and other tasks

Apart from Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply, we provide more than 15 cleaning services. Our services are floor cleaning service in Dhaka, Floor Cleaning Service Cleaning services in Bangladesh, sofa cleaning service in Dhaka, carpet cleaning service in Dhaka, dry cleaning in Dhaka, and house cleaning service in Dhaka. Professional cleaning services, ac cleaning service Dhaka, water tank cleaning service, pest control, ant control, bedbugs control, room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and housekeeping , and also Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply  etc

Office Boy Supply Dhaka

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Every office needs an office boy to help with office chair washing, Cleaning the office table, providing breakfast or tea to the employees, taking care of everything in the office, and helping the guests or customers in the office requires an expert office boy. And if the office boy has received modern training then there is no question. So we brought Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply service to the capital of Bangladesh, since 2010 

Why take Cleaner supply And Office Boy Supply service from us ?

There are many office boy and cleaner supply services companies in Dhaka or all over Bangladesh. But their office boys are not well trained. And most of them are unskilled, but we first train our office boys for 3 to 6 months and our staff are also fairly educated so that our office boys are serving various government and private sector offices with success. Because of which we are one step ahead of other companies. If you need an office boy or cleaner then contact us now.
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