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Best Pest Control Service in Dhaka

Are you looking for a Best Pest Control Service company  in Dhaka Bangladesh ? is there an increase in cockroaches or mosquitoes in your home? Still not getting any results after taking the pest control service? If you take pest control service from a normal company It will be like that. So Power Property Care Service brings pest control service with guarantee for you. We have trained staff and modern equipment. Due to which other companies cannot give any guarantee after providing the service. There we give you 100% service guarantee. So take our service now And be worry free, Just Call Now


Our 10 types of pest control services 


  1. Gold Seal House Hold Pest Management (Cockroach Control)
  2. Pied Piper Services (Rats/Mice)
  3. Term Seal Service (Termite Control)
  4. Fly Control Management Fumigation (Hospital OT, CCU, ICU, Warehouses, godown storage)
  5. Mosquito Control
  6. Rat Control
  7. Fox Pest Control
  8. Critter Control
  9. Bed Bug Control
  10. Rodent Control

Service Overview


In the beginning, we enter the house and remove all kinds of insects from the bedroom and kitchen room. Which are cockroaches, termites, beetles, etc. Most of the time cockroaches are seen in houses that spoil food and clothes, so we apply cockroach control medicine on wooden furniture and beds. Then we use special pest control to control mice and trap mice in different parts of the house. Or suppress the rats by keeping the rat medicine

Then when we see extra mosquitoes in the house, we spray to kill mosquitoes and suppress mosquitoes. However, we do not use any harmful sprays to control mosquitoes Flies often spoil the nest food. The germs are spread by mosquitoes flying from the dustbin so we spray around the nest so that no mosquitoes can come near the nest. As the best pest control service and cleaning service company, we always give a 100% guarantee on all our services That’s why our customers are 100% satisfied with us.

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Effective treatment against cockroaches, bugs, ants’ moths etc. in homes, hotels, hospital and factories.Use of less toxic and low odor chemicals and new generation technique enhance efficacy



Our rodent management package includes inspection, identification, sanitation, proofing, baiting and monitoring.
• TERMISEAL SERVICE TM (Termite Treatment)
• Pre- construction Treatment.
• Post- construction Treatment



The best way to check this nuisance and to avoid any total accident will be to spray repellent chemicals near the entrance and surroundings area of the premises. The chemical we propose to use are toxic and irritant to certain snake species. We also use carbolic acid trap to control the snakes. However in addition to these chemical measures it: is suggested that surrounding areas must be cleared from fallen leaves, garbage and rubbish etc.




Other crawling insects such as ants control can be carried out by spraying water based Deltamethrin, Chlorpyrifos with hand compression sprayer (as and when required). Cages can be used for control of Cats in the premises.


Pre- Post Microbial Load (Swab Culture)


To get the satisfaction and effectiveness of the Sterifume services swab specimen can be collected from the targeted area by using sterile swab stick in pre and post Sterifume operations. These entire operations will be conducted by the Hospital Microbiology dept. in presence of a Microbiologist.

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